From NARAL, CA License Plates with the Message: California Trusts Women

Donald Trump and his anti-choice allies are obsessed with defunding Planned Parenthood and making abortion and contraception all but impossible to access. If they cut off federal funding to reproductive health-care centers, it could jeopardize care for many Californians.

We aren’t going to sit back while our fundamental rights are threatened. So we’re launching a campaign to create a license plate with a simple message: “California Trusts Women.”

Join us to kick off this campaign by pledging to buy a “California Trusts Women” license plate when they become available. The funds go toward making sure Californians can access quality reproductive health-care.

We need at least 7,500 people to sign this pledge to get our bill, sponsored by State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, moving!

Now more than ever, we need to stand up for reproductive freedom and protect the right to health care for all. We need to take the momentum from our amazing women’s marches around the state and the country and drive real change in our communities.

With a “California Trusts Women” license plate, you can show your commitment to reproductive freedom and raise money to provide family planning services to low-income Californians and allow abortion clinics to keep their doors open.

The first step to making this license plate program a reality is to get the state legislature to vote in favor of the bill. We need to show them there is overwhelming demand for a pro-choice license plate.

Sign the pledge to get a “California Trusts Women” license plate when they become available.

We have lots in store for this campaign, starting with mobilizing people around the state to support this bill. Then, we’re commissioning work from three California-based women artists to design the plate and you’ll get a chance to weigh in on the design you like best.

It’s a long road between now and getting these license plates on our cars, but we know we’ll get there with your support.

Thank you for all you do for reproductive freedom.
Amy Everitt
State Director, NARAL Pro-Choice California