Photos From Our Paint Nite Event: Contra Costa NOW Stands with Planned Parenthood


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Photos from the Garden Party 8/19/2017

Photos from our garden party

What a wonderful turnout!  We had raffle prizes, a feminist quiz, suffragette video, delicious food, and good company.

Nancy and Joe

Nancy B and Joe

 Mary, state board rep and past president with our newest member Olin.  Olin adores Mary! and vice versa!

Mary and Olin

Laura and Jim

Laura and Jim

Chapter members enjoying conversation

Karen S and chapter members

 Kathy and Dorothy

Kathy and Dorothy

Erika, president; Katia, action committee chairperson and Olin’s mom; and Adel from Planned Parenthood


Darnelle and Lesley, longtime members


 Current Board Members:  Kathy, treasurer; Erika, President; Nancy, VP Action; Phyllis, VP Public Relations; Karen VP Membership

Board Members

Planned Parenthood Capitol Day

Contra Costa NOW members, behind the desk of Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governer, in support of Planned Parenthood Capitol Day, #CAStandsWithPP.

gaven newsoms desk

Contra Costa NOW at the Earth Day Science March

Photos from Earth Day March

Earth Day


Erika Jaqi


This is what victory looks like. Thank you #SCOTUS for a win for women everywhere! #MyDecision


Photos from “Celebrating Sisterhood”


Terry,Mary, Selma, PhyllisPhyllis receiving award

State Resolution Honoring Contra Costa NOWMark


Certificates of Recognition

Certs of recognitionContra Costa NOW has recently begun working with the Women’s Empowerment (WE) club at Diablo Valley College (DVC). As part of that collaboration we are excited to announce that we have awarded Certificates of Recognition to eight members of WE for their outstanding contribution in the areas of education, activism, empowerment efforts, leadership and personal growth.

Recipients must be a rostered member of WE DVC during the current semester. They must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to qualify and show proof of 40 hours minimum club participation or activist work. These awards are open to all genders and sexes.

NOW member Karen Brockwell presented the certificates to the recipients at the December 9th WE meeting at DVC. The recipients were Addison Flannery, Jenna Forslin, Scarlett Arreola-Reyes, Lauren Wardle, Emma Phillips, Nikole Rodriguez, Andrea Corrigan, Sabrina Larez.

We want to thank these young women for their hard work and commitment to bettering themselves and the world around them. They represent the hope of a more egalitarian future. And we wish them well in their further educational and activist efforts.

In Partnership Contra Costa NOW and Women’s Empowerment (Diablo Valley College)

In Partnership
Contra Costa NOW and Women’s Empowerment (Diablo Valley College)

In March, 2015, Mary Davis, President of Contra Costa NOW spoke about women’s history, NOW and the current status of women at a Brown Bag meeting at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill CA. She was joined by Erika Maslan (chapter vice president) and Phyllis Bratt (Chapter VP of Membership) with around a hundred students attending. At that meeting we met some students from the campus’ Women’s Empowerment club (WE DVC).

Since then we have held several meetings with the WE DVC group and have formed a loose partnership. We are very excited about the enthusiasm and commitment these young people have to social justice and equality. They are the hope of the future and there is great cause for optimism.

During the coming year NOW and WE will be working together on Voter Registration drives at DVC, local high schools, and potentially other locations. Please contact us if you would like to participate in our Voter Registration drives.

We have also started planning for a symposium to be held March 18 and 19, 2016 at DVC. The symposium will bring together a number of groups covering a broad range of social justice issues. We will keep you posted on the symposium as more information is available. Make sure you put the symposium on your calendar.

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