Descriptions of Board Positions Contra Costa County NOW

PRESIDENT – There shall be a President who shall be a voting member of the Board. The President shall be the principal spokesperson and chief administrative officer of the Chapter. The President shall further prepare agendas, preside at the Executive Board and Chapter meetings, act as the liaison to National, State and regional NOW, shall be knowledgeable and currently informed about National, State and Chapter policies and shall provide leadership in developing the chapter programs and goal.

VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President will assist the President in any or all duties as deemed necessary. The Vice President shall stand in for the President when required at both chapter and non-chapter functions. The Vice President shall be knowledgeable about National, State and Chapter policies, and will provide leadership when the President is unavailable.

VP Public Relations/Events
VICE PRESIDENT RELATIONS PUBLIC – The VP Public Relations shall be responsible for publicizing Chapter activities in the media, promoting a favorable public opinion of NOW and keeping feminist issues before the public. The VP PR shall further be responsible for disseminating NOW literature to the public. Events- shall be responsible for coordinating 1-2 fund raising/social events a year. This can include the Garden Party and/or Holiday Party.

VICE-PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP – The VP Membership shall develop programs to recruit new Chapter members, including minorities, shall call non-members who attend the meetings, shall survey them as to their interests and, also, survey new members and put them in contact with appropriate action groups within the Chapter.

VICE –PRESIDENT ACTION – The VP Action shall coordinate the action program, including task forces, and an action team and may assemble emergency action groups to act on specific pressing issues at her/his discretion. This person would keep informed of actions of other local organizations as well as legislation at the local and state level. They could also network with our state and national chapters.

VICE PRESIDENT PROGRAM – The VP Program shall develop programs for the meetings, including using the resources of Chapter membership, and will be further responsible for developing a Speakers Bureau which will research and deliver speeches and seek speaking engagements on behalf of NOW.

RECORDER – The Recorder shall keep the minutes of all Chapter and Board meetings and shall report votes and actions taken in the Chapter website. The Recorder shall be responsible for chapter correspondence, shall further be responsible for the official Chapter Archives by maintaining copies of State and National Correspondence to any Board member and other written resource material in an orderly file.

TREASURER – There shall be a Treasurer who shall be a voting member of the Executive Board, The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Chapter, shall prepare the budget, shall make recommendations on financial policy and procedures and implement the same when approved, shall disburse funds, and shall be responsible for issuing periodic financial reports to the Executive Board, The Treasurer shall further collect initial membership dues, remit National and State dues to the State Treasurer, transmit corrections to National and maintain the current Official Chapter Membership list.

STATE BOARD REPRESENTATIVE – The CCNOW California State board Representative will attend State Board meetings as the official CCNOW representative, shall report information regarding State activities and actions to the general membership, via normal chapter communication vehicles and shall further relay the concerns and recommendations of the Chapter to the State Board.