NOW Partnering With One Fair Wage

We are excited to announce that NOW is partnering with One Fair Wage in their work to better wages and working conditions in the service industry because worker’s rights are always a feminist issue.


One Fair Wage is a coalition which includes all workers for whom tips are considered wage replacement and they conduct policy advocacy, voter engagement, worker and employer organizing, and culture shift activities to ultimately lift millions of tipped workers out of poverty nationwide and engage them in the political process that governs their lives. The concept of one fair wage is often associated with the restaurant industry, where many tipped workers are paid a sub-minimum wage and therefore rely on tips as a significant portion of their income. Advocates of one fair wage argue that the sub-minimum wage plus tipping system creates an unfair and unpredictable income for workers.


NOW has been devoted to standing up for women’s rights for years! We are dedicated to encouraging young activists to step up and learn everything they can to keep the needle moving in the right direction. One Fair Wage, led by Saru Jayaraman, has created a summer program called “Freedom Summer 2023” in hopes to mobilize 100 students for 8 weeks. The goal is to help advance racial, economic and women’s’ rights in the state of Ohio. Freedom Summer’s headquarters include: The Ohio State University, Cleveland State University, and University of Cincinnati. This opportunity will allow students to get out in the field, gain experience from those who have dedicated their lives for the fight for equality, and meet like-minded activists who will eventually become lifelong friends. 


If you know a young feminist who will benefit from this experience, we urge you to share this flyer