Resolution K for Consideration: The National Organization for Women Supports Sex Workers

This summer at the National Conference, several groups of NOW members objected to resolutions that stated NOW’s support of the Nordic model, and the issue was tabled until the organization could form a task force and discuss the objections: that decriminalizing sex workers but continuing to criminalize buyers does not support the bodily autonomy of sex workers, among other issues. 

In mid-October, National President Toni Van Pelt put out a press release announcing NOW’s stance on sex work and stating that our organization fully supports the Nordic model. She spoke against a Washington, D.C. bill that would have decriminalized prostitution, stating that if that happened, DC would become the sex tourism capital of the world in mere months. 

Contra Costa NOW objects to both this stance and its histrionic language. We support sex workers, while unequivocally standing against both sex trafficking and the toxic culture surrounding sex that makes it possible. We believe that the best way to address sexual violence is to punish traffickers, rapists, and abusers; while supporting the bodily autonomy of those who choose the sex trade. 

Our Chapter Secretary, Tika Viteri, has been working alongside several other chapter leaders across the country to co-draft Resolution K. We believe this resolution outlines an inclusive policy that is committed to feminist ideology and that properly advocates for the decriminalization of all aspects of consensual adult sex and sex work. At The National Conference held in July 2019, this Resolution was presented and then tabled pending a Task Force discussion. It will be resubmitted to President Toni Van Pelt and the National Board for consideration as a reminder to our National Leaders to uphold the values that NOW has historically symbolized.

Read the full text of Resolution K below or download a PDF version here: Resolution K National Organization for Women