If We Win


Thanks to indivisible… this chart gives us a reason to get up each morning and keep fighting for our rights, our dignity, our autonomy and our democracy.



If Trump wins If we win
Reinstate the Muslim ban Overturn Citizens United
Deploy the military against protesters who hurt his fragile ego Restore the Voting Rights Act to put more power back in the hands of the people
Sign a national abortion ban Codify abortion rights to restore and expand access in all 50 states
Mass roundups and deportations of immigrants without due process Finally pass the Dream Act
Take the Justice Department under his control to prosecute critics and rivals Pass binding ethics rules and reform the judiciary to end Supreme Court corruption
Use the power of the federal government to attack critical media outlets and undermine press freedom Ban assault weapons & pass commonsense gun reforms
Attack Mexico Not attack Mexico
Repeal the Affordable Care Act, kicking tens of millions off their insurance Continue lowering drug prices and healthcare costs
Expand tax cuts for the rich Close tax loopholes to ensure ultrarich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes
Impose tariffs that’ll increase costs for working Americans Continue investments in green manufacturing in the USA
Ban life-saving gender affirming care for young people Pass the Equality Act to protect trans rights in all 50 states
Reverse green energy progress in favor of coal and oil  Expand investments in green infrastructure to give every American access to clean air and drinkable water
Close the Department of Education and force a far-right curriculum on schools Fight book bans and restore kids’ freedom to learn
Be a dictator Renew the Child Tax Credit & subsidize childcare for every American