NOW Hear This

NOW Hear This: February 16, 2024 Newsletter

Message from National NOW President Christian F. Nunes


Greetings Feminists,

We’re halfway through Black History Month, a time that should be filled with celebration, study, and recognition of accomplishment.  But we can’t escape the reminders that for some, Black History is something to be rejected, not taught, and denigrated, not lifted up. 

We learned this week, for example, that parents in Dade County, Florida were asked to sign permission slips so their children could participate in a Black History Month event.  This in a state that already eliminated Advanced Placement courses in Black history in high schools, banned textbooks considered “woke,” and enacted new history standards that taught the “benefits” of slavery.

At a time when the Supreme Court is ruling against affirmative action programs in universities and voting rights challenges protecting Black voters, states are passing legislation to limit the teaching of “divisive concepts” or critical race theory, and classroom libraries are being censored and raided to remove any content about racial justice—the honest and complete recognition of our history is more vital than ever. 

At this critical moment for our democracy, when Black History is being denied and basic rights rolled back as more states move to disenfranchise, exclude and marginalize Black and Brown voters, we must not forget this:  Black History is not just something we study.  It’s something we must fight for, every day.


In solidarity,