NOW Hear This

Message from National NOW President Christian F. Nunes

Happy Friday Feminists,

As you may know, one of NOW’s six core issues is ending violence against women. The broad issue of violence manifests in many ways — gender-based violence, racism, sexual harassment, and more. As we enter into October, we want to raise awareness around domestic violence and the effects of abuse.

Misogyny, socio-economic status, and healthcare are among the many factors that influence domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Studies find that 1 in 4 women experience a form of severe intimate partner violence or stalking within their lifetime. Although we have fought for key legislation for protections like Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act, we cannot forget how other factors, like climate change, raise the likelihood of domestic violence within a community.

As natural disasters become more frequent and extreme throughout our nation, we must look deeper and examine the totality of their impacts on women. Not only are women more economically impacted through displacement, job loss, healthcare, and other needs, but women experiencing natural disasters are also more prone to intimate partner violence after the event because of the disparities those events create and/or deepen.

This is why we must take an intersectional approach when we look at ending violence against women and view how all factors can influence this tragic cycle. We must create and amend our legislation to include protection from all events, institute community-based resources that address these gaps, and provide support for women and children who are impacted. NOW remains dedicated in addressing systemic problems our nation faces and its attitudes toward protecting women.

In solidarity,